Saturday, February 11, 2012

cajun spice barbecue ribs.

I love ribs. So freaking much. In fact, I think it is one of the best things this country can offer. That, and buffalo wild wings. Unlike Mr. Sachinky, I don't have high standards as far as ribs and steaks are concerned and enjoy ordering them frequently. We are novices, however, at rib-cooking but when I spotted a rack of pork loin baby ribs last Saturday on sale at Target we just had to pick them up. And a bottle of Jack Daniel's original barbecue sauce.

Saturday night I researched extensively on how best to cook them. Finally, I marinated them in a mixture of cajun spices and the sauce, wrapped them tightly in aluminum foil and left them overnight in the refrigerator. Next afternoon while revving up for the Superbowl, I stuck them in a preheated oven (450F) for forty minutes. And then broiled them for an additional ten. Boy, oh, boy. Juicy, tasty and so good. Give them a shot! All for less than $10.