Saturday, April 7, 2012

prawn cocktail.

Since I am not going home this summer, I am trying to recreate some of my favorites that I will be missing out on. First attempt: Mocambo's prawn cocktail.

Ingredients: Boiled and peeled shrimps. Ketchup. Mayonnaise. Lime juice. Tabasco. Worcestershire sauce. Pepper. Heavy cream.

Step 1: Layer a martini glass with a bunch of lettuce. Mix shrimp with equal amount of good-quality ketchup and mayonnaise. Add a dash of lime juice, sprinkle black and white pepper, a healthy dose of Tabasco, a light touch of Worcestershire sauce and mix well.

Top it off with a dot of heavy cream. Serve chilled. 

Not bad for a first try, if I say so myself.