Thursday, July 21, 2011

chicken on a bed of mushrooms.

I wanted to try out something different this evening so I rummaged through the refridgerator and found chicken, white wine and mushrooms. So I gave this dish a shot. I was a little worried about it but it turned out great!

Step One: Lightly oil the bottom of a Pyrex dish. Line with sliced mushrooms, I used the run-of-the-mill button mushrooms but you can use portabella or shitake mushrooms. Season with salt, pepper and red pepper flakes. Pour a cup of white wine.

Step Two: Season two chicken breasts with salt, pepper and minced garlic. I had some pesto leftover in the refridgerator so I went ahead and rubbed some of it on the chicken as well.

Step Three: Place the chicken breasts on the bed of mushroom and drizzle some olive oil on top.

Step Four: Bake in a pre-heated oven (400F) for thirty minutes.

Step Five: Separate the chicken and mushroom and pour the wine-sauce in a sauce-pan.

Step Six: Bring to a boil with a glob of butter, a dash of cream, and a splash of chicken/beef broth. Once the sauce thickens, pour over the chicken pieces and garnish with fresh or dried parsley.

chicken in gravy.

--Steam a variety of vegetables, whatever you like, with a pinch of salt. I chose onions, potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, corn and green peppers.

--Boil chicken cubes with a pinch of salt, pepper, garlic, ginger and red pepper flakes.

--Sautee vegetables in a couple of tablespoons of butter. Add the chicken and mix together, letting it simmer.

--Use a spoon of cornflour to thicken up the chicken stock. Pour into the pan with the chicken and vegetables. Let simmer till everything is cooked thoroughly. Season with salt, pepper, and dried parsley.

--Serve with crusty bread.