Sunday, January 2, 2011

the guide to eating out in ABQ

I wanted to do a post on the best places to eat in Albuquerque, at least the ones we've tried so far.

Evergreen Chinese Buffet:

Our favorite go-to-place anytime hunger strikes. Excellent sushi, crab rangoons, breaded shrimps, dumplings, dim suns, wontons. You name it, they got it.

Village Inn.

Suzanne took me here one Monday evening and I fell in love with their breakfast items. Best sausage gravy ever! The fact that it is open till 2am on weekends is a definite plus.


This is located near the University. This is where we had our first staff-only-dinner. The calamari was perfect.

Elephant Bar Restaurant.

Chris made reservations for my birthday. Located in ABQ Uptown, this place has an amazing ambience, and perpetually crowded (at least on a Saturday) so make your reservations early! Loved, loved, loved my sushi. I think it was the sea-weed fried in batter that did the trick.


Great Irish pub in the neighborhood. We had an early dinner there once, I loved my shepherd pie. The portion was quite big so I had left-overs as well! Chris liked his beer and his ginormous burger. I ate his fries.

Krung Thai.

The pad-thai I ordered the first time was quite mediocre but I am glad we stuck with this place for a second, third and fourth tries in quick succession. I get the stir-fried basil with chicken and Mr. Sachinky sticks with the red curry chicken with rice. We split half-and-half.

India Palace.

Good buffet with a reasonable price-tag. Large variety and amazing desserts.

Viet Q.

Banh mi and spicy lemongrass noodles with pork. Big portions and extremely reasonable prices. 'Nuff said.

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