Saturday, March 5, 2011

caramel custard.

I'm trying to replicate Maloti Mashi's infamous pudding. Caramel custard. I don't think it's quite happening but we shall see. Ma issued instructions over Skype.

Ingredients: Milk, sugar, eggs, vanilla essences. That's all.

Grab a metal bowl and caramelize the bottom. How? One spoon of sugar. Couple of drops of water. Slowly rotate over open flame till the sugar begins to hiss, sputter and turn a deep brown color.

Boil two cups milk with three spoons of sugar. Let it cool.

Whisk two large eggs in. Or three. Add a few drops of vanilla essence. The cheap imitation stuff does the trick.

Pour the mixture over the caramelized sugar.

Now set up one of those steamer/water-bath/double-boiler/I don't know what to call it thingie.

Cover the pot and let it cook, steam style. Mine was still a little soupy (I like it solidified) after an hour of replenishing the water supply (maybe I didn't use enough eggs) so I poured it in a baking dish and let it broil for a couple of minutes to see if that'll help it set.

Nope, didn't really help at all. Now, I just can't figure out what I did wrong! Waaaaaaaaah, I'm devastated. On the other hand, it tastes freakin' fantastic. And I did get a chance to use my lovely ramekins I purchased a few weeks ago. Oh well. There's always a next time.


  1. I learnt a classic bread pudding from Ma. But I use a cooker instead of you know steaming it the way you do. But I am going to try out this recipe tomorrow or day after. And I will post pictures as well. DO you know how to make the toasted bread and jam pudding ?

  2. I have a bread pudding recipe on here too, somewhere.

    Anyway, I tried this again last night. This time I used a pyrex dish in the oven, filled with water. I set the ramekins in it and the custard set perfectly. 375F for about 50 minutes. The caramel was lovely too.